Welding is a common sight in railroad repair sheds, many types of industry, automotive garages, and military installations. Go ahead and add a lively welding scene to your diorama!
This LED Welding kit is a combination of 3 LEDs: 2 Flashing White and 1 Solid Blue. Use your existing power source: AC track power, DCC track power, AC or DC train accessorie buss. No circuit board required!

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Welding Kit ED-U1W-01
Great in a garage or an engine shed. This kit has a random flicker created by 2 white flashing and one solid blue led. Easiest hook up to 9 to 19 volts AC-DC-DCC power supply. All that you need for your guy welding his project is in the package!
Add some spark to your welding scene! Neet little kit where you add 6 or 9 volt battery supply or 12 volt regulated power. Three 1.8mm flashing leds make the flash of your welding operation.