MP Scenery Products is a unique manufacturer of high quality handmade miniature trees and landscaping materials for model railroad layouts, dioramas and architectural models.
Each item of MP Scenery Products’ lines are of the highest quality as the manufacturing process requires great detail and meticulousness by their highly skilled staff of handicraftsmen.

Great pricing and superb quality make for ideal scenery and landscaping materials and plants for the modeler.

Scenery material can be applied ideally using matte medium as an adhesive. White glue is also good.

Create your scenes like the edge of this lake by using:


MP-70017-24 HO scale Cattails
MP-71022-01 Ground Cover & Turfs-Earth at edge of the water
MP-71032-01 Ground Cover & Turfs-Dark Green – Fine on the embankment
Mix of MP-71045-01, MP-71029-01 and MP-71044-01 Ground Cover & Turfs to make the taller trees
MP-70019-01 Light Green Branches for the smaller trees
MP-70952-01 Foliage Clusters – Medium Green for the bushes up the hill
MP-70924-01 Clump Foliage – Medium Green for the bushes closer to the water
MP-71032-01 Ground Cover & Turfs – Dark Green – Coarse at the top of the hill along elevated track


MS-S04-03 Static Grass – 4.5mm – Early Summer for the tall grass
MS-F572-01 Wild Area with Bushes near the water’s edge
MS-F011-01 Wetland Middle near the water
MS-F012-01 Wetland Dark under the tall trees
MS-F502-01 Low Bushes – Early Summer on the side of the hill
MS-F532-01 Steppe Green – Early Summer on the side of the hill.