Find MODEL SCENE scenery products here at GLX Scale Models!

MODEL SCENE is a very reputable Czech producer of landscaping materials for dioramas and for model railroad layouts.
They¬†produce high quality hand made model trees, ground cover foliage, grass mats, leaves, wooden fences and a lot of laser cut precision details. Here’s a sampling of their great products at very reasonable prices. Very realistic effect on any model!

Create realistic modeling scenes with STATIC GRASS FLOCK in 3 lengths for that added touch of realism.

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By using scenery products you can create a similar diorama of the edge of a lake scene like the modular layout seen above:

MP-70017-24 HO scale Cattails
MP-71022-01 Ground Cover & Turfs-Earth at edge of the water
MP-71032-01 Ground Cover & Turfs-Dark Green – Fine on the embankment
Mix of MP-71045-01, MP-71029-01 and MP-71044-01 Ground Cover & Turfs to make the taller trees
MP-70019-01 Light Green Branches for the smaller trees
MP-70952-01 Foliage Clusters – Medium Green for the bushes up the hill
MP-70924-01 Clump Foliage – Medium Green for the bushes closer to the water
MP-71032-01 Ground Cover & Turfs – Dark Green – Coarse at the top of the hill along elevated track

MS-S04-03 Static Grass – 4.5mm – Early Summer for the tall grass
MS-F572-01 Wild Area with Bushes near the water’s edge
MS-F011-01 Wetland Middle near the water
MS-F012-01 Wetland Dark under the tall trees
MS-F502-01 Low Bushes – Early Summer on the side of the hill
MS-F532-01 Steppe Green – Early Summer on the side of the hill.