The throw bar of Aristocraft turnouts when used in an exterior layout have been noted by fellow garden railroaders to deteriorate over time due to exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. I have developed a replacement part and reproduce it in a more durable black acrylic using laser cutting technology.


At first observation, you will notice the product is on a ‘card’ of 10 similar to a pack of paper matches. This not only for the retailer’s display but also for the modeller’s convenience of using and storing the product until needed over and over again until 10 turnouts have been repaired.

Next feature when looking at each part individually, the holes for point rails are bored to receive the original 1/8’’ brass sleeves (not included). The point rail holes are also spaced closer together to provide better performance of any railcar with any wheelset to easily negotiate the turnout.
The original Aristocraft throw bars had a thin rectangular tab at each end of the part that easily broke off. The new part has more material at this location to improve the connecting point of the throw bar and the standoff rod of the turnout switch device.
The rectangular hole on the end of each end tab is replaced with a circular one negating any occurring side slippage of the standoff rod of your switch stand. The round hole provides a better linkage point between the standoff rod of the switch device and the throw bar. You now have a more positive response when activating your switch stand or turnout controller device.

One of the end holes of the new part is positioned as per the original part. The other hole is repositioned for a better performance if using the Bachman manual turnout switch stand. If you are using a Bachman manual turnout switch stand along with the repositioned hole of the new throw bar, you now have better seating of the point rail in the turnout for the designed throw distance.

Lastly, this new product is a great innovation for the replacement of your Aristocraft throwbars at a very affordable price. $9.99 CAD

Replacement throw bar for all of Aristocraft's turnouts. Laser cut UV safe black acrylic. Read more about the great features of this item on the product information sheet in the images.